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What do you think about our new workshop "Am I being my values"

With the help of my friend Phoebe Landon, a sophomore at The Sharon Academy, in Sharon Vermont, we facilitated a thought-provoking workshop that challenged students by asking them to examine whether or not who they're being when interacting with others is reflective of their values.

In this workshop, students and faculty members wore nametags with their first names and one word (as their last name) that described what they thought the world needs most. Students then introduced themselves as their new identities to each other and explained why they chose their new last names. During the group reflection they reported that the exercise was "awesome." One student said "I learned stuff about friends that I had no idea about, it nice to know that we have important things in common." In the next couple of months we're going to repeat the workshop in an inner city school here in Boston. Our plans are to publish the results and create a workshop kit that can be downloaded and facilitated as a interpersonal appreciation and relating tool.

1) When interacting with other are you being your values?
2) How do you think being you values with interacting with others would make a difference?
3) What do you anticipate would happen if you wore a nametag with your firt name and your last as one word that described what you think the world needs most?"

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