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Nametags, the new social accessory

For some, going to a meeting or convention where you don't know a soul can be quite intimidating. On your shirt or blouse is that old "Hello My Name is Robin" name tag - not much help or assurance. However, change it to something like:

* "I'm Sharon. I really dig diamonds" (mining convention)
* "Invest with me ... Dennis " (venture capitalist)
* "Harry says Hello. I sell kayaks" (sports trade show)
* "Hi, I am Giles. Come jump with me" (sky diving instructor)
* "Joe is LOST and looking for direction"
* "I'm Sandy. I'm a Vet and need a job".

and let your nametag do the talking for you. Customized name tags like that become instant conversation starters.

Come on over to and draw or create your own custom nametag for free. Print it off and go to your next social gathering with confidence on your chest.

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