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Nametags at the Inauguration thanks to the Huffington Post and

This morning I received an email from my friend Eric who saw this article on the Huffington Post about their initiative with to hand out 500,000 nametags at the Inauguration. HOW COOL IS THIS!

As you may recall, in 2007 we got 19,000 people to wear a nametag for a day at places like the Tunbridge World's Fair, The Sharon Academy, at Fenway Park with BPD where 10,000 people wore them during a game, at Haley House Cafe in Roxbury, MA, and in South Florida!

As it turns out, I was there for the inauguration and saw people wearing nametags and was both suprised and overjoyed. After a year hiatus, I am now wearing my nametag again, as I was inspired by the nametags I saw and the communal spirit I experienced at the Inauguration! Thanks Huffington Post and Meetup!

Watch my video reaction!

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